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Award Winners: Congrats to all the paper award winners! The judging was performed by a panel of experts in the field, based on the quality of the papers, as well as presentation, technicality, and originality.

1st Place: Christian Fischer, Bernd Tibken, and Thomas Fischer - Left behind Occupant Recognition in Parked Cars Based on Acceleration and Pressure Information Using K-Nearest Neighbor Classification

2nd Place: Julius Ziegler and Christoph Stiller - Fast Collision Checking for Intelligent Vehicle Motion Planning

3rd Place: Norman Mattern, Robin Schubert, Gerd Wanielik - High-Accurate Vehicle Localization Using Digital Maps and Coherency Images

Honorable Mentions

  • Lili Huang and Matthew Barth - Real-Time Multi-Vehicle Tracking Based on Feature Detection and Color Probability Model

  • Anup Doshi and Mohan M. Trivedi - Examining the Impact of Driving Style on the Predictability and Responsiveness of the Driver

Industry Contribution Awards of Distinction

  • David Pfeiffer and Uwe Franke - Efficient Representation of Traffic Scenes by Means of Dynamic Stixels

  • Gideon Stein, Ammon Shashua, and Yoram Gdalyahu - Stereo Assist: Top-Down Stereo for Driver Assistance Systems

  • Florian Homm, Nico Karmpchen, and Jeff Ota - Efficient Occupancy Grid Computation on the GPU with Lidar and Radar for Road Boundary Detection

Poster Presentation Awards of Distinction

  • Dirk Langer and Ganymed Stanek - Junior 3: A Test Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance

  • Brendan Morris and Mohan M. Trivedi - Vehicle Iconic Surround Observer: Visualization Platform for Intelligent Driver Support Applications

  • Kyungnam Kim, Yuri Owechko, and Swarup Medasani - Active Safety and Collision Alerts Using Contextual Visual Dataspace

  • Jeffrey Miller, Muhammad Ali, Sun-il Kim, and Timothy Menard - Determining Time to Traverse Road Sections Based on Mapping Discrete GPS Vehicle Data to Continuous Flows

  • Andrea Cappalunga, Stefano Cattani, Alberto Broggi, Michael McDaniel, and Susmita Dutta - Real Time 3D Terrain Elevation Mapping Using Ants Optimization Algorithm and Stereo Vision