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New! Download the Official IV2010 iPhone app from iTunes: IV2010

Most of the information about the IV2010 App is on the About tab in the application itself, but here is a short help guide.

For guests to use the account, the login info is "IV Guest" and "cvrr2010".

The map has three types of annotations. Camera pins, red, have two disclosure buttons, left and right, that will display the live camera video feed at the left or right sides at the bottom of the screen. Point of Interest pins, green, have an info disclosure button, displaying a short amount of description text and a picture of the site. Finally, the Hotel pins, purple, simply display the name, address, and phone number of the hotels.

  • Sites Tab: Provides a quick interface to finding any of the annotations, and breaks the three types into three sections. Selecting a row will also select the corresponding annotation on the map.
  • Shuttles Tab: Links to the shuttle tracking system at UC San Diego, allowing users to follow the live tracking of shuttles for convenient traveling.
  • Schedule Tab: Links to the IV2010 conference schedule page for convenient browsing.
  • Directions Tab: Links to the IV2010 conference page on lodging and traveling information.
  • About Page: Rehashes much of the support page.
  • Login Page: Required so that the user may access the camera video feeds. After the conference is over, the video feeds will be deactivated.

For further information or help, please contact the developer, Justin Li, at jdli_at_ucsd.edu.