affect and view

lisa test-beds


University of Pisa, Italy, November 2011


                     Robotics hand                                                     Haptic displays


 Prof. Bicchi and guests                                                      Variable stiff robots       


University of Florence, Italy, November 2011


Fredrico, Mohan, and Alberto        Lorenzo, Mohan, and Alberto                  Prof. Trivedi and Prof. Bimbo        


Group photos


Vision Laboratory, UniversitÓ di Pavia, Italy, November 2011

Braive's demo                             Prof. Broggi - Braive's demo                                  Lane detector test           


                  Prof. Alberto Broggi                                            Prof. Broggi, Braive, and Prof. Trivedi


IEEE ITSC 2011, Washington DC, USA, October 2011


Jacoby's presentation                                                                 Prof. Brendan Morris

   Derick's presentation and demo


                 Sayanan's presentation

UC San Diego Commencement, La Jolla, US, June 2011


Dr. Doshi and Prof. Trivedi

IV 2011, Baden-Baden, Germany, June 2011


Prof. Klaus Dietmayer and Prof. Matthew Barth                                                   Prof. Barth's keynote talk                         


Dr. Brendan Morris's Poster


Sergu's student                                                                        Group Banquet                                                                      

ITS America, DC, 2010

Student Essay Awards - Anup won the 2nd place

UCTC 2010, Irvine, CA, 04.10


                                   CVRR at Melwebber Lecture                                                               Anup's Poster


                                        Dr. Brendan Morris's "first" talk                                                                   Justin's demo


                                               Ashish                                                                          Ashish, Cuong, and Anh 


                Dr. Karen Frick, Dr. Robert Bertini, and Justin                                        Justin's Poster


                                         Derick and Diego                                                                   Sindhura and Justin      


                               Anh, Prof. Mohan, and Cuong                                                             Sayanan                   


Dr. Bertini 


Mel Webber Lecture by Dr. Bertini                                                      Dr. Cervero                        


                                                            Anup, Karen, Lili                                                                    Prof. Barth                   


IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2009, San Diego, CA, 12.09


Prof. Sethi and Prof. Trivedi                                                              Prof. Sethi and Brendan


             Prof. Sethi and Cuong                                                        Prof. Sethi, Prof. Trivedi, and Cuong


Cuong - Demonstration session


2009 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety, Pune, India, 11.09


             Dr. K. V. Prasad Ford and Prof. Takeda Osaka           Prof. Shabbir Merchant and Mr. Akrate (Tata Motors)


Prof. Uday Desai and Prof. Mohan Trivedi                       Prof. Mohan Trivedi - Keynote Talk


                   Prof. Mohan Trivedi                                           Prof. Mohan Trivedi - Talk on Intent Analysis    

Brendan Morris wins First Place- ITS-America 2009 Student Paper, DC 2009


Brendan Morris receiving ITS-America First Place Award from                   ITS-A First Place Award winning Paper by

      Dr. Steve Dollenback, Director of ITS at SWRI and                                    Brendan Morris and Mohan Trivedi

Scott Belcher, President of ITS-America (in the center)                                                                                                


January 2008 Trip to Wolfsburg, Germany

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2005, San Diego, CA

IEEE Symposium on Intelligent Vehicles 2005, Las Vegas, NV

demonstrations GALLERY

Cal(IT)2: Dr. Carlo Regazzoni of University of Genova Invited Talks

Cal(IT)2 Building Dedication Demonstration, Cal(IT)2 (October 2005)

LISA Q: Research Demonstrations, UCSD (Feb 2005)

LISA P: Occupant Posture Research Demonstrations, UCSD (Nov 2004)

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posture GALLERY

Real-time occupant pose analysis using Stereo video stream in LISA-P, frontal view, in the dark
2005. (11.3MB avi)
Real-time occupant pose analysis using Stereo video stream in LISA-P, frontal view, in the light
2005. (7.5MB avi)

Real-Time Stereo-Based Occupant Position Analysis
2004 (24.6MB avi)

Real-time occupant pose analysis using thermal LWIR video stream in LISA-P,
November, 2003. (3MB avi)

Synchronized capture of seven video streams (6 shown) for LWIR, Stereo, and voxels based occupant posture analysis in LISA-P, June, 2003. (2MB avi)


Real-time occupant pose analysis using stereo video stream in LISA-P, profile view, in the light,
November, 2003. (10MB avi)


Real-Time Voxel-Based Occupant Position Analysis
2004 (18.7MB avi)

Voxel data of a person in a car.
2003 (7MB avi)

Body part prediction based on voxel data.
2003 (8MB avi)

surround GALLERY

Tracking of highway lanes from a moving car. (3MB video)

Tracking of highway lanes from a moving car. (3MB video)

Tracking cars from a mobile omni-directional camera. (60MB video)

Generation of a surround scene from a moving omni-directional camera. (11MB video)

Wheel detection from the right side of a moving car. (<1MB video)

Wheel detection from the left side of a moving car. (10MB video)

Tracking cars from a mobile rectilinear camera. (51MB video)

Generation of a surround scene from a moving rectilinear camera. (15MB video)

Driver Context Capture and Analysis
(426MB video)

driver affect and view analysis GALLERY

Driver Affect Analysis
(26MB video)

Thin Plate Spline warping from face affects
(13MB video)

View of driver from omnidirectional camera
(<1MB video)

Extracted edges
(<1MB video)

Face region extracted from
omnidirectional camera
(<1MB video)

Ellipse fit to head without filtering
(<1MB video)

Ellipse fit to head with filtering
(<1MB video)

Driver view generated from head pose
(3MB video)

Cartoon of driver's view
(<1MB video)

lisa test-beds GALLERY

LISA P: Volkswagen Passat

Virtual Tour


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LISA Q: Infinity Q45

Virtual Tour


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