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Human-Centered Driver Assistance Systems

Vision Systems for Occupant Posture Analysis


Vision Systems for Driver Analysis and Interface


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Human Centered Driver Assistance Systems and Full Surround Capture

Many researchers are currently working on the problem of making our highways safer for driving. One method of providing this safety is to examine the link between the driver and the automobile to see what modifications can be made to the automobile to assist the driver. This includes advanced warning systems and improved user interfaces. In order to warn the driver of potentially dangerous situations such as vehicle cut-ins, driver distraction, driver drowsiness, problems with the vehicle, and unintended lane departures, the complete vehicle context is required. This complete vehicle context includes the vehicle surroundings, vehicle interior, and vehicle state.

Research Activities

Surround Vehicle Detection

Lane Detection

Driver State Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Cognitive Loading / Multitasking


Complete Context Capture Dataset


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