Intelligent Vehicle Experimental Test-beds

Human-Centered Driver Assistance Systems


Vision Systems for Occupant Posture Analysis


Vision Systems for Driver Analysis and Interface


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Intelligent Vehicle Novel Experimental Test Beds


The LISA-M test bed is the first testing platform for several experiments for the occupant posture estimation investigation. Situated in the laboratory, prototype vision systems are developed on the LISA-M with readily available AC power, camera rig gripping bars and provide realistic seat, dash, and ceiling dimensions.



The LISA-P is the test bed for on-line occupant posture analysis experiments. The test bed makes available realistic lighting conditions, camera positioning conditions, and a robust power system for stand-alone or side-by-side systems comparison experiments.



The LISA-Q test bed is designed with the intent to be used to conduct research into driver safety/support systems.  It is built with a flexible array of sensors including rectilinear cameras, omnidirectional cameras, LASER RADAR systems, and GPS along with a broad range of information obtained from the vehicles internal sensors.  The test bed contains capabilities for complete data capture of synchronized sensors for lengths of well over an hour, real-time testing, and data visualization through in-car displays.