partial body
full body

smart room
face pose


Pose Invariant Affect Analysis

Expression identification with face rotation  (53MB video)

Feature tracking and expression identification (26MB video)

Thin plate spline warping from face affects (13MB video)

Partial Human Body Modeling

Voxel reconstruction of a person in a car. (7MB video)

Body part prediction based on voxel data. (8MB video)

Full Human Body Modeling

Original View Voxel Reconstruction Model Acquisition
and Tracking

Multimodal Biometric Analysis Test-bed

Test-bed for the acquisition of multimodal facial dynamics, motion and form. (image)

Box close-up (image)

Box Interior

Intelligent Room

AVIARY video: Digivation Conference, September 2000. (17MB real video)

System Demonstration CVPR Workshop on Human Motion, Analysis and Synthesis, June 2000. (3MB real video)

HUMO 2000 Video, December 2000. (7MB real video)

Streaming Face Recognition

Streaming Face Recognition Result (2.3MB video)

Streaming Face Recognition Result (2.5MB video)

Face Localization Result (2.8MB video)

Streaming Face Recognition Result (182MB video)

Face Pose Estimation

Poster (1.3MB ppt).


Electronic view generation on driver seat from an Omnicom (786KB video)

Edge detection of the driver seat video (102KB video)

RHT ellipse detection for head detection (125KB video)

Kalman filtration for head tracking (193KB video)

Face video extraction (103KB video)