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Intelligent or Smart Rooms are spaces that automatically derive and maintain continuous awareness of the space, its composition and events and activities taking place in them. We have pursued several research directions that together provide the technology for comprehensive and robust intelligent environments.

Activity Analysis in Intelligent Rooms: The system that is aware of the identities of people present and of their activities. Remote participants are supported as well as the review of past events through its rich interface.

Multimodal and Audio Analysis: Using both audio and video to achieve a robust performance.

Televiewing: Virtual view generation using multiple omnidirectional video streams and seamless merging of high resolution rectilinear images with low resolution omnidirectional images which provide wide coverage.

Semantic Event Databases: Databases designed to recognize activities specified using a rich query language. These databases store abstracted past states (events) of the intelligent environment and active sensory networks. These can be  flexibly queried using a powerful language for characterizing complex activities as the spatio-temporal compositions of semantic activities.

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