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WITTS 2001

Seminars and Talks

Mohan Trivedi, Panelist, "Smart Sensors... future pipedream or ripe for business growth today?" Panelist, UCSD CONNECT SensorNet, April 29, 2002.
Mohan Trivedi, "Intelligent Systems & Environments - Virtual Characters," DiMI- San Diego Opera Forum, April 27, 2002
Salil Pradhan, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, April 23, 2002
Dr. Pravin Varaiya, UC Berkeley, "Constructing Transportation System Intelligence," April 11, 2002
Dr. Arun Netravali, Lucent Technologies, "Beyond 2002: Trends, Developments and Opportunities in Communications Science and Engineering," March 21, 2002
Professor Hai Tao,University of California, Santa Cruz, "Visual Estimation Techniques and Applications," March 20, 2002
Dr. Amit Chowdhury, University of Maryland, "Estimating the 3D World From Video- An Interplay of Statistics and Geometry," March 6, 2002
Mohan M. Trivedi, Interactive Homes, "Intelligent Highways and Smart Cars" Keynote Seminar at the San Diego Telecom Council Digital Video Special Interest Group Seminar Series, Qualcomm Auditorium, February 19, 2002
Dr. Erwin Boer, "Behavorial Variability is More Than Just Noise: The Meaning of Behavorial Entropy,"
January 28, 2002
Dr. Ivan Mikic,UCSD Ph.D. Defense, "Human Body Model Acquisition and Tracking using Multi-Camera Voxel Data," January 24, 2002
Mohan M. Trivedi, "Visual Networks for Intelligent Environments," Keynote Presentation at the International Symposium on Independent Component Analysis, ICA2001, Delmar, California December 10, 2001
Mr. Brett Hall,UCSD M.S. Thesis Defense, "Visual Tele-Exploration using Multiple Cameras and Mobile Avatars: An Integrated Framework and Experiments, " November 28, 2001
Mohan M. Trivedi, "ITTS Research in Cal(IT)2," ITS Research Program Integration Caltrans New Technology and Research Division, Sacramento, November 19, 2001
Mohan M. Trivedi, "Mission MICASA: Interactive Rooms, Intelligent Highways, and Smart Cars," Invited Keynote at the MIT Club of San Diego, November 8, 2001.
Mohan M. Trivedi, "Making Vision on Wheels a Reality," Keynote Presentation at the International Telematics West 2001 Conference, San Diego November 7, 2001
Professor Katsushi Ikeuchi,University of Tokyo,"ITS and Telematics in Japan," October 19, 2001
Mohan M. Trivedi, "Cal (IT)2 and Intelligent Environments and Distributed Video Networks," Invited Keynote Seminar at the CyberAssist Consortium, MITI, Tokyo, June 21, 2001
Mohan M. Trivedi, "Intelligent Environments and Distributed Video Networks," Invited Seminar, Advanced Technology Research (ATR) Laboratory, Nara/Osaka, Japan, June 20, 2001.
Dr. Ralf Hertwitch, DailmlerChrysler,"Position-Aware Telematics Services for Driver, Vehicle and Road Safety," March 22, 2001


Dr. Kitazaki, Mr. Doi and Mr. Yamamura, Nissan, April 19, 2002
Prof. Pravin Variaya, UC Berkeley, April 11, 2002
Dr. Arun Netravali, CSO, Lucent, March 21, 2002
Karl Hedrick, UC Berkeley, March 7, 2002
Ramez Gerges, UC Santa Barbara, March 7, 2002
Val Noronha, UC Santa Barbara, March 7, 2002
Hamed Benouar, UC Berkeley, March 7, 2002
Jay Riley, Caltrans, March 7, 2002
Martin Wachs, UC Berkeley, March 7, 2002
Steven Shladover, UC Berkeley, March 7, 2002
Greg Larson, Caltrans, March 7, 2002
Will Recker, UC Irvine, March 7, 2002