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Image Gallery

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Prof. Praveen Varaiya's UCSD visit, April 2018





LISA-UCSD + Toyota CSRC + NADS-UIowa Project Kickoff Meeting, December 2017




Dr. Eduardo Romera Farewell, December 2017


ITSC 2017 (Japan)


LISA-DARVX Photoshoot, November 2015




University of Pisa, Italy, November 2011


                     Robotics hand                                           Haptic displays


 Prof. Bicchi and guests                                                      Variable stiff robots       


University of Florence, Italy, November 2011


              Fredrico, Prof. Trivedi, and Prof. Bimbo            Lorenzo, Prof. Trivedi, and Prof. Bimbo         Prof. Mohan Trivedi and Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo           


Group photos


Vision Laboratory, UniversitÓ di Pavia, Italy, November 2011


Braive's demo                                                     Prof. Broggi - Braive's demo                                                          Lane detector test           


                  Prof. Alberto Broggi                                            Prof. Broggi, Braive, and Prof. Trivedi

IEEE ITSC 2011, Washington DC, USA, October 2011


Jacoby's presentation                                                                                                    Prof. Brendan Morris


                  Derick's presentation and demo


                 Sayanan's presentation


UC San Diego Commencement, La Jolla, US, June 2011


Dr. Doshi and Prof. Trivedi

IV 2011, Baden-Baden, Germany, June 2011


Prof. Klaus Dietmayer and Prof. Matthew Barth                                                   Prof. Barth's keynote talk                                                               Dr. Brendan Morris's Poster                          


                                                                                Brendan's poster                                                                                                                       Sergu's student


Group Banquet

ITS America, DC, 2010

Student Essay Awards - Anup won the 2nd place

UCTC 2010, Irvine, CA, 04.10


            CVRR at Melwebber Lecture                                                        Dr. Brendan Morris's "first" talk                                                                  Justin's demo


            Anup's poster                                                                            Ashish                                                                Ashish, Cuong, and Anh 


Dr. Karen Frick, Dr. Robert Bertini, and Justin                                        Justin's Poster                                                                                Derick and Diego                         


Sindhura and Justin                                                    Anh, Prof. Mohan, and Cuong                                                        Sayanan                   

                                                                            Dr. Bertini                                                                                                  Mel Webber Lecture by Dr. Bertini   


                                        Dr. Cervero                                                                                        Anup, Karen, Lili                                                                Prof. Barth                   


NBC Interview at CVRR, San Diego, CA, 02.10


Prof. Trivedi                                                                                                                    Brendan                                                   


Prof. Trivedi and Brendan




IEEE ISM 2009, San Diego, CA, 12.09


Prof. Sethi and Prof. Trivedi                                                                                                         Prof. Sethi and Brendan


Cuong - Demonstration session                                    Prof. Sethi and Cuong                                            Prof. Sethi, Prof. Trivedi, and Cuong         



IEEE ICVES 2009, Pune, India, 11.09


Dr. K. V. Prasad Ford and Prof. Takeda Osaka       Prof. Shabbir Merchant and Mr. Akrate (Tata Motors)      Prof. Uday Desai and Prof. Mohan Trivedi


                       Prof. Mohan Trivedi - Keynote Talk                                             Prof. Mohan Trivedi                                      Prof. Mohan Trivedi - Talk on Intent Analysis               



Brendan Morris wins First Place- ITS-America 2009 Student Paper, DC 2009


Brendan Morris receiving ITS-America First Place Award from                                                                       ITS-A First Place Award winning Paper by                   

Dr. Steve Dollenback, Director of ITS at SWRI and                                                                                     Brendan Morris and Mohan Trivedi            

Scott Belcher, President of ITS-America (in the center)                                                                                                                                                                   


Italian Party at Prof. Trivedi's home, CA, 7.09


         Italian Party Group                                   Chefs: Filippo and Albenzio                                Diego, Filippo, and Albenzio


                                        Brendan, Vernon, and Aditi                         Amruta and Heather                        Cuong and Albenzio                                    Jeff and Ivana                                                           


UCTC 2009, Riverside, CA, 2.09

   Prof Barth      Profs Barth and Wyman           Prof Deakin                 Prof Barth and CVRR     Prof Barth and CVRR 2   

            Brendan with his poster                                    Sayanan discussing his poster                         Anup's poster

           Group photo                   Profs in discussion      Anup and Prof Barth        Lili and Anh, Prof Barth's students

         Prof Trivedi delivers Keynote Speech                Prof Trivedi and Lili          Einstein!


ACM/IEEE ICDSC 2008, Palo Alto, CA, 9.08


                                  Anup Doshi and Prof Cavallaro                      Anup Doshi and Prof Aghajan (PhD forum Award at Stanford)

Evan Ettinger, UCSD (Best poster award)                Group photo                                            

Cuong's presentation          Cuong and Brendan       Goshorn's presentation                                              

                                  Erik's presentation                                                                       CVRR

Prof. Trivedi and Dr. D'Orazio  Profs Aggarwal &Trivedi                                  Group photo                                      


IEEE AVSS 2008, Santa Fe, NM, 9.08

Brendan's presentation

                                              Shankar's presentation (Best paper award)


Visit to University of Twente, 6.3.08 and IEEE IV Symposium, 6.4.08-6.6.08


Data Collection in SHIVA Lab, 4.08

Erik, Anup, and Cuong

Dr. Tarak Gandhi's Farewell, 4.08

Dr. Sangho Park's Farewell, 8.28.07




IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2006



RESCUE Drill 2006



Prof. Dan Huttenlocher Visit

Prof Huttenlocher's talk                                    Prof Kriegman (SHIVA lab)                   


ACM Multimedia 2006 Workshops , Santa Barbara, CA



IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2005, San Diego, CA:

IEEE Symposium on Intelligent Vehicle, 2005, Las Vega, NV:

UCSD campus:

SERF building 1

SERF building 2

SERF building 3

SERF building 4

Rear view of SERF 1

Rear view of SERF 2

Test columns next to SERF



Rear view of Powell building

Geisel library(snake walk side)

Aerial photo of campus

Suspension bridge next to Scripps 1

Suspension bridge next to Scripps 2

Suspension bridge next to Scripps 3

View of Scripps and La Jolla





JR Project:


4/97 Japan trip 1

4/97 Japan trip 2

4/97 Japan trip 3

4/97 Japan trip 4

4/97 Japan trip 5

PAM courses

Modelmaker II rapid prototyping machine

NSF visit 5/97 1

NSF visit 5/97 2

NSF visit 5/97 3

NSF visit 5/97 4

NSF visit 5/97 5

NSF visit 5/97 1

NSF visit 5/97 7

PAM students in the PAM lab




Testbed (water tanks)

Testbed (strobe system)

Testbed (particulate injector tube)

Fish eggs in cup








Blind Robot :

RC car robot

Rick and the RC car robot








Group picture 1

Dr. Trivedi

Dr. Copeland

Nils Lassiter

Rick Capella

Rick working

Andros with Dr. Trivedi and Dr. Chen

Andros and UT group

Andros striking a pose

Binocular stereo camera

Team photo 4/98

Videotaping by Discovery Channel 1

Videotaping by Discovery Channel 2

Louis and Badri Badreddine Badreddine

MaxPCI board

MaxPCI workstation

Omni-directional video camera

View of SERF 150 1

View of SERF 150 2

Our lab's luxurious sleeping quarter

Sony visit Fall 97 1

Sony visit Fall 97 2

Steve Roche, the new "Price is Right" model




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