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Team Members

current team members
Cuong Tran Anup Doshi Brendan Morris Erik Murphy-Chutorian
Paul Roberts Shankar Shivappa Director, Dr. Mohan Trivedi  



past team members


name   current position   thesis
Dr. Tarak Gandhi, 2008   Google, Mountain View, CA   (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2000)
Dr. Shinko Cheng, 2007   HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA   A general probabilistic framework for volumetric articulated body pose estimation and driver gesture, activity and intent analysis for human-centric driver assistance.

Dr. Sangho Park, 2007   Research Associate, University of Rochester   (PhD, University of Texas, Austin, 2004)
Dr. Stephen Krotosky, 2007   SAIC, La Jolla, CA   On using multiperspective color and thermal infrared videos to detect people: Issues, computational framework, algorithms and comparative analysis.
Dr. Junwen Wu, 2007   Fair Isaac, San Diego, CA   Analysis of head pose, faces, and eye dynamics in images and videos: A multilevel framework and algorithms.
Dr. Joel McCall, 2006   Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA   Human attention and intent analysis using robust visual cues in a Bayesian framework.
Dr. Kohsia Huang, 2005   Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, CA   Multilevel analysis of human body, face, and gestures with networked omni video array.
Dr. Ivana Mikic, 2002   Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Partner, Hunter Mikic & Callaway, LLC.
[previously] Senior Scientist and Co-Founder, Vala Sciences, Inc.
  Human body model acquisition and tracking using multi-camera voxel data.
  Dr. Kim Ng, 2000   Vision and Graphics, STMicroelctronics, La Jolla, CA   Three-dimensional visual modeling and virtual view synthesis: A synergetic, range-space stereo approach using omni-directional images.
[Tennessee] Dr. Fred W. DePiero, 1996   Professor and Assistant Dean, College of Engineering, Cal Poly State University   Adaptive range image segmentation and direct graph matching for 3-dimensional object recognition: Algorithms, integrated framework and implementations.
[Tennessee] Dr. Arun Dalmia, 1995   Datacube, Consulting   Depth measurements of selectable quality using image streams: Computational framework for integrated spatio-temporal gradient analysis and binocular stereo approaches.
[Tennessee] Dr. Mukul Shirvaikar, 1993   Associate Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Tyler   Object detection in high-clutter images using multiresolution texture-based segmentation and neural network filters.
[Tennessee] Dr. Hrishikesh Gadagkar, 1992   VP, Engineering and Manufacturing, MicroMRI   Active exploration of a robotic workcell using contact and non-contact sensors.
[Tennessee] Dr. Suresh Marapane, 1991   Proctor & Gamble Vision R&D   Computational framework for multi-primitive hierarchical stereo analysis.
[Tennessee] Dr. Chu-Xin Chen, 1991   Pacific Bell, AI Center   Planning, coordination and execution of perceptual and motor actions in sensor-based intelligent robots.
[LSU] Dr. Charles Lipari, 1989   [now with] Acoustic Technologies, Mesa, AZ
[previously] Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  Geometric modeling and recognition of elongated regions in images.
Advisor: Prof. Charles A. Harlow



Preban Andersen

Ofer Achler

Dev Balasubramanian

Zack Bauer

Mark Bermal

Dr. Shailendra Bhonsle

Remy Chang

Jesse Cheng

Ed Childers

Paolo Concha

Roscoe Cook

Rasmus Corlin

Andrew Cosand

Shara Ebrahimi

Kelly Featherstone

Dashan Gao

Giovanni Gualdi

Brett Hall

Kim Harlow

Charles Jiang

Quinn Kennett

Ramsin Khoshabeh

Joseph Kim

Greg Kogut

Ryan Lustig

Satya Mallick

Sureel Pathak

Jeff Ploetner

Andrea Prati

Natalie Roselli

Tim Schoenmackers

Elan Sharghi

Jonathan Tsao

Leah Vining

Jonathon Wong
Col. Dr. Joseph Besselman
(US Airforce, Virginia)
Dr. Amol Bokil
(Texas Instruments)
Mr. Rick Capella
(San Diego and Spain)
Dr. Anthony Copeland
(PAR Technology, La Jolla)
Mr. Chuck Eggers
(San Diego)
Dr. Ravichandran Gopalan
(SRI International)
Dr. Chris Gourley
(IPIX, Oak Ridge)
Mr. Martin Holder
(SW Research Insititute, San Antonio)
Mr. Sadahiro Iwamoto
(Packet Video, San Diego)
Mr. Kanzi Jiang
Mr. Nils Lassiter
(Wintriss Engineering, San Diego)
Dr. Paolo Piranjian
Prof. Himanshu Pota
(Univ. of New South Wales, Australia)
Mr. Steve Roche
(Wintrix, San Deigo)
Dr. Andrew Sexton
(Internal Medicine, Memphis)
Mr. Don Shamblin
(HP, Palo Alto)
Dr. T. Sogo
Dr. Murad Takla
(Bell Labs)
Dr. Scott Thayer
(Carnegie Mellon University, Robotics Institute)
Mr. Jonathon Vance
(San Diego)


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