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Mohan Trivedi is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC San Diego and serves as the Director of the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory ( He and his team are engaged in a broad range of research studies, which include active perception and novel machine vision systems, intelligent ("smart") environments, distributed video networks and intelligent systems. His team's recent research involvement and accomplishments include: a new framework for efficient means of extraction and integration of multiple depth cues; a novel multimodal interface for modeling and monitoring composition and activity in an "intelligent room", development of cooperating mobile robot teams; computational models for texture analysis and synthesis; an integrated robotic system for applications in nuclear environments and for inspection and maintenance of high-speed railway (Shinkansen) tracks; a real time machine vision system for detection and classification of very small marine organisms in the ocean; and a distributed intelligent system for traffic incidence monitoring and mitigation. He has been published extensively and has edited over a dozen volumes including books, special issues, video presentations, and conference proceedings. Trivedi serves on the Executive Committee of the California Institute for Telecommunication and Information Technologies (Cal-(IT)2) ( as the leader of the Intelligent Transportation and Telematics Team. He also serves as a charter member of the Executive Committee of the University of California System wide Digital Media Innovation Program (DiMI) ( He serves regularly as a consultant to industry and government agencies in the USA and abroad.