Shinko Yuanhsien Cheng, Ph.D.

Computer Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of California, San Diego
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I have graduated and am now working for HRL Laboratories, LLC.
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My research interests are in articulated body pose estimation and human activity recognition from image data. Using grayscale, color, LWIR thermal images arriving in single, stereo, or multiple perspective sets, the problem is to learn the articulated body structure, body pose, gesture and activity of the imaged subject. Oftentimes, applications do not require the fidelity of a full body model. Smart airbag systems which sense the occupant's posture in the vehicle to modulate airbag deployment response for example require only the pose of the upper body, or the head and torso. It is also important to examine the operating conditions as part of the problem. For that, I am interested in Intelligent Vehicle, Intelligent Transportation Systems areas as an application for these ideas. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Curriculum Vitae

Hand Pose Estimation
Real-time 3DSilhouette

Research References

Computer Vision and Robotics Research Lab (Main Site)
Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA)
Systems for Human Interactivity, Visualization and Analysis (SHIVA)


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Technical Reports

S. Y. Cheng, M. M. Trivedi, "Hand pose Estimation Using Expectation-Constrained-Maximization from Voxel Data" CVRR Technical Report, Nov. 2005. (pdf)

S. Y. Cheng, "Real-time Partial body Modeling using Voxel Data" CVRR Technical Report, Feb. 2003. (pdf)


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