Directions & Contact Information

General Information

Ross Greer

Ph.D student

regreer at ucsd dot edu

Technical and Collaboration:

Professor Mohan M. Trivedi

mtrivedi at ucsd dot edu

Phone: 858-822-0075

Fax: 858-534-1004

Mailing Address

9500 Gilman Drive, Mailcode 0434

La Jolla CA 92093-0434


The main research facility for LISA/CVRR is located on the University of San Diego, CA campus in the SERF (Science and Engineering Research Facility) Room 150.


From I-5 take the La Jolla Village Drive exist and go west. At the first major intersection, turn right onto Villa La Jolla Drive. Follow this road up the hill and park in lot P406 (this is a large parking structure). Exist the west side of the building and follow Russell Lane until it intersects Lyman Lane. SERF is at the intersection of Russell and Lyman Lane (building 930 on the map below). Park in Gilman Parking Structure.

MapLink is a useful campus map that allows you to find not only campus buildings but also relevant services like parking, restaurants, and shuttle stops, for both campus and the Hillcrest Medical Center. Directions to CVRR can be found using the search function on MapLink.