Instrumented Vehicles

LISA-T (2018)

Our latest testbed features a sensor suite and data capture system including full-surround video, LiDAR, IMU, high-precision GPS, multi-angle driver-facing video, and additional interior sensors.

Read more about the ways LISA-T assists with "looking inside & looking outside" in some of our selected publications:

  • Akshay Rangesh, Nachiket Deo, Kevan Yuen, Kirill Pirozhenko, Mohan M. Trivedi, Heishiro Toyoda and Pujitha Gunaratne, "Exploring the Situational Awareness of Humans inside Autonomous Vehicles," IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2018. [pdf]

  • Nachiket Deo, Nasha Meoli, Akshay Rangesh and Mohan M. Trivedi, "On Control Transitions in Autonomous Driving: A Framework and Analysis for Characterizing Scene Complexity," ICCV Workshop on Autonomous Driving, 2019. [pdf]

  • Ross Greer, Jason Isa, Nachiket Deo, Akshay Rangesh and Mohan M. Trivedi, "On Salience-Sensitive Sign Classification in Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning: Experimental Explorations with a Novel Dataset," WACV, Workshop on Hazard Perception in Intelligent Vehicles, 2022. [pdf]

  • Ninad Kulkarni, Akshay Rangesh, Jonathan Buck, Jeremy Feltracco, Mohan M. Trivedi, Nachiket Deo, Ross Greer, Saman Sarraf, and Suchitra Sathyanarayana, "AWS Machine Learning Blog: Create a large-scale video driving dataset with detailed attributes using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth"

Past Vehicles

LISA-A (2015)

LISA-Audi (2012)

LISA-Q2/DARV-X (2012)

LISA-X (2009)

LISA-P (2007)

LISA-Q (2002)